An Essay on Insipidity

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An Essay on Insipidity, also known as Essay I, is a purposely bad RTP-made game that aims to be a quick character study and observation of a poverty-living honduran child named Ernesto, who uses RPG Maker to make a game to try and cope with the harsh reality he lives in.

The dialogue is a mishmash of broken to unintelligible english and spanish.

I made this in one week in RPG Maker MZ Trial Version to test the engine.


  • 1+ hours of gameplay;
  • Bad grammar;
  • Bad tileset placement/map design;
  • Bad story, pacing and narrative;
  • Obnoxious world encounter rates;
  • Easy battles with enemies that have large pools of HP;
  • It’s a RTP-made game.


Some parts of this game addresses invented records on domestic abuse, child famine, bullying and mentions of suicide.
All the names and situations presented here are for narrative purposes only, and don’t refer to any people in real life, alive or dead.

Project Details

Development Start: August 27, 2020
Project Name: “Project Cioran”
Genre: Role-playing
Engine: RPG Maker MZ (Trial Version)
Language: English and Spanish
Current Version: 1.1.0