Dying Cat

Welcome, new Listener.

We are The Bureau, the investigative division of a big organization that puts order in the world.

About a month ago, we receive some unfortunate news about a crisis occurring in the city of Anthos.
It seems that there’s an outbreak of an unknown disease the locals are calling The Silence.
Reports say that the disease slowly kills its victims and sometimes transforms them into horrible abominations.

Alongside it, a strange figure arrived with it.
And to make matters worse, the city has been radio-silent for the last weeks.
We can’t estimate the total of deaths, because of the little of information we have on it at the moment.
You see, our informant from inside the city didn’t return our recent contact.
Well, we can’t have the surrounding communities panicking about this.

So, we need your assistance.

Your orders are to go to Anthos and locate our informant. Bring him back, or, in the worst case, bring back the information he has. While you’re there, try to obtain the most of information you can gather.
Oh, and before you go,
Be careful of what you may see.
We don’t know what’s there, but,

We can guarantee that Anthos has seen better days.


Dying Cat is a top-down, turned-based, grimdark, neo-noir RPG heavily themed around existentialism, theoretical psychology, perception of reality and the human condition, taking inspirations from games like Yume Nikki, LISA: The Painful, Spec Ops: The Line, Fallout, Bioshock: Infinite, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and many others.

Its very essence is taken from the book The Plague, written by renamed philosopher Albert Camus.


  • 3+ hours of gameplay;
  • Open-world, not linear-based;
  • Challenging yet fair combat system;
  • Reactive storytelling;
  • Reputation system;
  • Multiple endings;
  • Some original soundtrack;
  • GameJolt achievements;
  • A morbid and dark tale about misery.


This game is marked by the author for 18+ players.
The game contains Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Sexual Themes, Mental Themes and Mature Humor.
Children and emotionally unstable people might not have a safe experience playing this game.

Project Details

Development Start: July 20, 2018
Project Name“Project Nihil”
Genre: Role-playing, Story-driven, Reactive Storytelling
Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace
Language: English


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